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We are experts in the repair of industrial production machinery of all types, as well as CNC and manual machinery.  Since we design and build these systems, we are able to troubleshoot and repair them very quickly. We also have staff trained repairing in all types of CNC machining, centers, turning centers, etc.


Industrial Machine Repair &

CNC / Manual Machine Repair

Design, integrate, and troubleshoot are but a few of our skills in this area.  Whether it be a new machine or an existing machine we cover all aspects of machine control and automation.  PLC or PC based systems from the smallest machine to the largest enterprise solution, from the simplest machine control to the most complex vision systems, motion control, and data collection, we can improve your existing industrial automation or add automation to your machines. 


Industrial Automation

Machine Controls, Programming, & Design

Data networking and cabling are but a couple of the IT Related Services we perform.  If you need network cabling whether it be fiber, copper or wireless we can handle your networking needs large or small.

We service many large networks.  Our installers follow all best practices and pay attention to the small details that prevent your network from having small issues build into large problems.

Computer Networking and  Cabling

We started out in 1978 as an electrical business but soon realized we were exceptional at machine repair and design.  However, we still cover our roots with full electrical modifications repairs and installs. 

We do residential, commercial, and industrial electrical design, installations, modifications and repair. 


Electrical Service

Anyone can pull a cable, but only a professional understands the processes behind it.  MaD understands that cabling is not just going from point “A” to point “B” but it is understanding what things in the pulling that cable can affect.  Ask anyone who manages a large network and they understand that there are numerous issues that can affect its efficiency.  These issues are referred to as flaws. 

At MaD our goal is NO cabling flaws—not even one!

From 20 amps 110v to 1000’s of amps of monster 3 phase, we can handle it all.  We don’t only follow the codes, we understand them.  We strive to keep our staff informed of the latest updates and best practices to ensure safety and performance in any electrical system.  At MaD, we understand why we do things the way they should be done. 


If you have a machine down and need it back up, don’t waste time.  Call us and we will get someone on the road to you and get to the root of the problem quickly.

Specializing in PLC based Controls but we do all types and all brands.  Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toyo, Fanuc, Modicon, Telemecanique, Automation direct, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, you name it we have probably done it.


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Other Services

We also offer many other technical services.  We design and install custom audio/video products to meet your individual needs.  From video surveillance systems to specialized building access equipment, MaD Tech Services can provide you or your company with the safety and security that you need.