MaD Community Involvement

MaD Baseball:

             MaD sponsored the Minor League Tourney Champions and they placed 2nd during the Season, known as the MaD Giants.










MaD Softball:

             Mad Sponsors a DCGSA 18 and under Girls softball team every season.  They were League Champions in both 2009 & 2010










MaD has also assisted with providing funding for many teams, both local and traveling.  We have also provided sponsorship to local player “Nicki Neisius” helping her to travel to Los Angeles to take part in a softball tournament. 

We have also partnered with the Decatur County Girls Softball League as well as the Greensburg Youth Baseball Association by allowing them to utilize our equipment and offering them our services at great discount in order to maintain the local sports complex. 


In life, both Mike and Doug are fathers first so they know and understand the importance of contributing to the causes of our youth. Beyond their other contributions, they support: 

Greensburg High School Yearbook

Jennings County Math Bowl Team

Greensburg Fall Festival

Decatur County Speedway


Suite Dreams Project:

             Suite Dreams helps ill children by remodeling their bedrooms for a healthier living environment.  The organization creates custom themed rooms catering to the interests of the child.  MaD provides Electrical contracting free of charge to them in Decatur County. 













At MaD, we truly believe in giving back to the community














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